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Marvel Legends Thanos BAF: Spider-Woman (Review 2.0)

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

It should come to no surprise that I will be doing a revisit on this lovely Marvel Legends from way back when! Being a huge fan of Spider-Woman, a Marvel Legends of her in her classic costume was a dream come true! So, let's just get right into checking her out!

I have three of these figures. Yes, I said that right, THREE. Two out of the box and one mint inside the box. Yes, that's how much of a Spider-Woman fan I am. So the box hasn't changed much since this wave came out in 2015. The difference today is that Hasbro spends a little more time with the inner decorations and some touches here and there that makes the box unique to the figure/set.

I'm glad that the official art box is pretty good. Jessica looks very sexy in this pic.

I'm glad Hasbro hasn't done much of these 'variant' figures; different figure, same BAF piece lately. I don't really like that scheme since I wanted Spider-Woman and Hellcat. Obviously, I'd choose Spider-Woman if came down to it. The other figures in this wave were mediocre; I loved Bartoc though.

In terms of accessories, she doesn't come with much. She comes with the folded wings and her full span wings. Of course she comes with the Thanos BAF pieces, but again, not much to say in regards to that.

Older figure doesn't mean bad. This one might lack paint details and such, but the coloring is sharp, clean, and pretty accurate to the character. One thing I will say is that some of her paint on her hands and feet doesn't match the yellow of her boots and glove. Not obvious, but definitely there. Also, her 'emblem' on her torso does not continue all the way inside her chest/abdomen, so bending her backwards will show the lack of paint.

The black color on her hair lacks any shadowing, as expected. But it does give a good shine to give it some color depth. The face on this one isn't as clean on my other ones I have, especially where her eyes are, but she looks good enough.

The sculpt is a body that we have seen before. It's a nice body that represents the voluptuous heroine type. And Jessica Drew, is as sexy and endowed as they come. Now with that said, this body has some issues especially in the articulation department. For example, the hair's stiffness gets in the way, one gestured hands does not allow for more dynamic pics(more of an accessories lacking problem), and then the hinderance of her legs; I'll talk about it in the next section.

I'm going to say that her articulation is slightly disappointing. As I mentioned, her lack of movement in the head area definitely hinders a lot of good poses. Her legs aren't going to do any spider-like postures because of the fact that they don't have a wide range of movements. The way the hips are made definitely subtracts from the fun factor os seeing Spider-Woman do what a Spider-Man can. Suppose the aesthetics really does make up for it, more or less.

Now the older Spider-Woman from Toybiz definitely has the articulation, but aesthetically, she did does not compare to Hasbro's Spider-Woman. Let's just say, Toybiz is Veranke and Jessica Drew is getting revenge.

So the question with older figures like these is: is she still good enough for what Hasbro is pulling off these days? For me, as a Spider-Woman fan, yes she is. But if she is placed with more care like some of the figures that Hasbro has now, giving her more accessories (hands, variant face, venom blast effects) and more paint detail, then the glaring issues of articulation wouldn't be that big of an issue; and also, I wouldn't be depending on Bandai's Yellow Thunder Effect as much. Still, all in all, she's still an awesome figure in my opinion. Glad to have her.

Until Next Time!

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