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Marvel Legends Vulture BAF: Spider-Man("Spider-Boy")

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

I call him "Spider-Boy". He's not good enough to be a Spider-Man... just yet.

I was going to avoid getting the Marvel Legends Homecoming Spider-Man, honestly, but with the fact that I'm building a Spiderverse collection, this guy has to be added in my collection. I think I'll just refer to this guy as "Spider-Boy" just to justify him since he is pretty lame as Spider-Man. But let's check out and see how the figure is.

This is an older wave. I didn't plan on getting anymore than Captain Universe Spidey (Cosmic Spider-Man) BUT, here I am with this figure. The side art looks good and he has passable amount of accessories to show. Other than that, the box hasn't changed much when it comes to Marvel Legends from last year.

There are a couple of decent figures from this wave that I like, but I passed on the majority of it. Moon Knight and Beetle looks pretty good, but again, I don't plan on finishing this wave unless I find them all for dirt cheap.

As I mentioned, Spider-Boy comes with a decent amount of accessories. He gets the #BAF piece, two heads, two pair of hands, and some web wings. What he gets is actually adequate, believe it or not.

Now I will try not to put my opinion on the movie (I know, I've been doing it) and the new casting of Spider-Man while I review this figure, but I will say that I am not a big fan of Tom Holland. Yes, even if he was in Infinity War, even if he wore the Iron Spider, EVEN IF HE IS NEXT TO IRON MAN, I still think he's a wimpy Spider-Boy and he is nowhere close to Andrew Garfield, or even Tobey McGuire for that matter. Again, that's my opinion. The design for his suit is not bad at all though, albeit it's Stark's creation and not Parker's, which makes this Spider-Boy a bit more dependent on Iron Man. Still, the way he's made is pretty good in Marvel Legends form.

With all that aside, the sculpting on this guy is fantastic. All webbing on him are sculpted, his body mold really does fit the teenager style, and overall, well done. I can't complain about that part.

Even the spider logo in the back is sculpted in there. The colors are clean for the most part. I don't know why they decided to put blue lining for the webbing all over his body; It should be black. They get a good fresh but familiar take on a costume, then the figure form decided to do something different and mess it up--for this case, it's making what should be black lines into blue. Oh well. All in all, the paint applications finished pretty strong.

The first head sculpt looks great. We've seen Spidey sport a more narrowed eyes with his mask so this is a familiar face.

The more open eyes is sometimes depicted as expression of shock. While the #MCU Spidey does go with that idea, we all know that it's impossible for a mask to have expressive qualities. Still, this is a nice option as well and we have seen Spidey with this face before in the comics.

His other accessories are his web wings, which are pretty good. Definitely reminds me of the Marvel Legends Spider-Woman figure but much smaller. Unfortunately, they share the same problems with Jess's web wings and it is loose fit on Spider-Boy over here.

Now this figure excels in his articulation! This body mold does allow for some pretty dynamic poses and I was able to get this Spider-Boy in some decent shots. The waist swivel and thigh cut really allows for his lower body to perform some pretty cool poses; then it also helps he has those butterfly joints on his shoulders and the standard Marvel Legends articulation that we have all become so familiar with.

This shot makes Spider-Boy look intimidating!

All in all, I like the figure despite my feelings on the MCU Spider-Boy. I think it's a good figure with all the right things going for it. I wasn't a fan of the Vulture Wave and this figure I was really going to avoid, but because I have a #Spiderverse shelf, he is a must. For those who like Homecoming, this might hit the fandom for you, if you don't have its already. Great articulation, some good accessories (albeit my web wings are a bit on the loose side), and good details. Those who hate Spider-Boy though can still get something out of this figure. Just try and picture Tom Holland out of the suit and put a young and more adequate Parker inside of it.

Until Next Time!

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