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Master Line (Square Enix): Terra Branford 1/6 Scale

Holy god! A VERY detailed and very well thought out statue of one of my favorite FF gals coming soon?! Oh man! This is something that I am VERY excited and VERY scared of. I'll go into more details but seriously! It's freaking Terra Branford!

Tons! TONS of details! And seemingly quite a few options of display? Or variants of the statue? I'm not entirely sure but the Master Line of Square Enix isn't for the faint of heart... that thing comes with a HEFTY price tag. Something that even I should be cautious about touching. Well, honestly, let's let the video do the talking.

Her face is gorgeous. Enchanting, fierce, but fragile all at the same time.

Seriously, if these are pose options....

They even did the promotional intro right! Sheesh! But look at all the details! Look at how big that is. This thing is a must.............. and I'm going to be in pain when it does release. That preorder is going to hurt. Here's to hoping for a flex plan?!

Until Next Time!

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