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Merry Christmas 2022

It's definitely that time of the year. 2022 wasn't a bad year in terms of my fandom. It was a good year for #commissions, a bit more active year for #collecting, #gaming was sparse but still had some fun and return into Eorzea for the latter half, and movies wasn't exactly something grand but I did get to see one of my favorite movies to date. So definitely a good year and I felt that I was able to unpack some good stuff. So from the cutest WoL and Eorzea, Happy Holidays!

With that said, it is time for the #Victorious_Vixens to give y'all the season's greetings! Definitely nothing like Epser Terra coming down to let you know how special the festivities is!

Going to have to get a Rikku pic one day that is Christmas themed! ONE DAY! Right?

And this year's Victorious Vixens Christmas special is Jessica Drew. She is more than willing to celebrate with us despite her situation!

And two years ago, it was Elsa. Definitely going to continue this trend as long as Thunk is available! Speaking of Elsa and #Frozen, let's play this song!

With that said, I do hope everyone have a Merry Christmas, safe Holidays, awesome presents, and a great time with family!

Until Next Time!

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