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ML Marvel STUD10S: 2-pack Hulkbuster vs Hulk

The next find on my hunt is none other than the Marvel Legends First 10 Years 2-pack: Iron Man vs Hulk AoU. This was one of the biggest fan service they could give the Iron Man fans so why wouldn't they have it released in a 2-pack? At any rate, let's jump right into the review!

I just have to say that this is a HUGE and heavy box. Most of the weight comes from the #Hulkbuster, but given the fact that these action figures are not your standard 6 inch Marvel Legends, there are some weight that goes along with this 2-pack. And since they are part of the MCU 10 years celebration, this box adheres to the trend of the design. Marvel Studios everywhere and a small read up about this point of time of the characters in the MCU. Obviously this is part of the Age of Ultron scene where raging-mind-controlled Hulk goes against "Veronica" or better known as Hulkbuster. That scene was the highlight for a lot of people and for me, it was definitely a great homage for the popular rivalry. The scene lasted long enough with some great sequences of the two really hammering at each other. I love how they showed plenty of things that I didn't expect; like how Iron Man replenishes his broken parts, the different pieces that were created that wasn't the same as the previous part, and of course with Hulk, he was just a mindless beast and it was something I really felt played well with the battle. It lasted a good portion but it didn't over stay its welcome, though the way it ended was kind of unrealistic for someone as strong as the Hulk. But it had to end some how. All in all, great moment in the MCU and it helped make a movie I already liked into a VERY enjoyable one.

Again, another build-a-picture area if one does choose to collect ALL figures for this special collaboration of Marvel Studios and Hasbro.

Of course a bio of both Iron Man(Hulkbuster) and Hulk in different languages. Then there's the poster that pays tribute to the Age of Ultron/Avengers 2 movie.

I'm going to start with Hulkbuster review for this 2-pack. And yes, this was all Hulkbuster holding a heavy figure with one arm. That is one MIGHTY punch!

This guy is massive! Probably one of the biggest figures in terms of mass that Hasbro has produced. Once upon a time this was a #BAF so needless to say, this was a pretty big deal in terms of the figure itself (though that wave wasn't that great in my opinion); obviously, this is a re-released action figure. I've always liked how they adapted the look of Hulkbuster into the MCU. It has its own touches, grounding it more and making it look more mechanic and in line with how Iron Man has looked in the movies. But despite 'realism' it is still very recognizable to the comic book version. Needless to say, the Hulkbuster was created during the Modular Armor's popularity so the comic book version of the Hulkbuster retained much of the sleek, almost skin tight body look of the Modular armor--only more colossal and muscular. The MCU Hulkbuster took how the Mark 43, or for this case, it took inspiration from the culmination of Stark's armors during his days being Iron Man up to that point.

Hasbro definitely tried to replicate MOST of the small details, the gears, the machinery, and the aesthetics that made Hulkbuster familiar in his Cinematic form. While it might not be the PERFECT rendition of the movie version, for a mass retail action figure, this one does offer some merits.

The color and paint, from what I have seen, is better than the original release way back when. There is a metallic shine to the plastic, more paint are applied to smaller details of the figure, and overall, it just looks more Iron Man-like. It's not something that is grand or beyond expectation from Hasbro, but it definitely meets the standards and it makes this action figure that much better.

Sadly, he doesn't come with anything new in terms of accessories from his first release so getting more dynamic shots of him is literally out of the picture. Though for a big guy, he does come with a few things that we would expect from Marvel Legends--from modern day action figures in general in terms of articulation. Because of his massive arms and the designs, there are limitations as to how far they can bend but the legs retains most of the range of motion. All in all, I was still able to get some decent pictures. Though open palm for repulsers, the alternate arm he received after Hulk destroyed in it Age of Ultron, and maybe some other type of accessories would have given this older BAF some new life.

Here he is next to the Marvel Select Hulkbuster. Now because of the way I placed the MS Hulkbuster, this is not a good scale picture (don't know why I keep doing that). Though just from eyeing it, one can see that the ML Hulkbuster will still have some height and most definitely retaining the mass. It's definitely a massive BAF/action figure to say the least.

Now the Hulk Marvel Legends is also a reused body--reused action figure. He was part of the Thanos BAF wave, you know, the one with the awesome Marvel Legends Spider-Woman action figure. Let's go check out this action figure's second release.

Hulk is not my favorite character in the Marvel Universe in any medium. I can definitely appreciate him though, but for the most part, I don't go out of my way to get a Hulk Marvel Legends or any action figure, unless it is part of a set and/or the action figure is just seething with details and fun factor. So suffice it to say, when a mold like Hulk's is reused, an action figure mold that I was already lukewarm to begin with to purchase the first round, I'm not exactly the biggest fan of it. That is the case with this Hulk Marvel Legend. This action figure has been reused several times before with a few modifications like repaint, different head sculpt, different hands, etc. For the First Ten Years 2-pack, we get an alternate MCU accurate head along with some repaint that truly pays homage to the AoU moment when Hulk was raged out due to Wanda's mind control. The body, as I have mentioned, is familiar and definitely is a good Hulk mold.

The choice of plastic and paint application has some good points but there are areas that seems a bit too inconsistent. I know Hulk has different shades of green but there are too many areas that makes him look a bit odd--not too bad, but still enough for me to mention. I can't remember if Hulk was wearing blue pants during that fight scene, but oh well (too lazy to look it up). Great touch with the paint despite the inconsistency though. Having the veins, the hairy chest, and that very angry and detailed face could do it for someone who is a big time Hulk fan.

Unfortunately, other than the new head sculpt and repaint, this reused Hulk doesn't have anything else new to add to the table so his articulation is pretty familiar, though he is a bit out dated since 2015 does a lot to a toy line that tries to keep up with the ever so critical collectors' market. But the body mold does what it can and I was able to get what I needed; but nothing spectacular. Again, out of personal preference Hulk is not one of my favorite Marvel characters so I may just be putting this action figure a few pegs down because for one I have "this" body mold from a BAF wave before and two I'm biased.

Here's to show these two side by side.

Once again, not properly measured but one should get an idea how a 6 inch action figure stands up next to these guys.

Here's to show these two just absolutely wrecking each other! Have to admit that despite what I wasn't able to do, I was still able to have some fun and get some pretty decent pictures.

Obviously I'm a bigger fan of the Hulkbuster; both in comic book/cinematic form AND between these two action figures

Age of Ultron had its flaws but it definitely had its great moments. We were able to see the MCU iteration of the Hulkbuster as well as witness the havoc these two would make if they go against each other. To see these two packed together within the Marvel Legends First Ten Years celebration is no surprise. Unfortunately despite new repaints and Hulk getting a new head sculpt, they are just recycled action figures of the past so not everyone can get the joy out of them. I never bought the Hulkbuster MCU BAF so this is a plus for me. I thoroughly enjoyed him and the lack of didn't really hit me as hard as someone who paid the full price back then. Hulk on the other hand had always been mediocre and he doesn't climb up that with this re-release. Though despite having anything new to offer, I had a lot of fun with these two. Hulkbuster I enjoyed more but it wouldn't have been as fun without taking picture of these two demolishing each other. Do I recommend this? Yes, for those who are willing to spend a good few bucks to get recycled Marvel Legends and for those who have never had the opporutnity to own the Hulkbuster MK I in its #Marvel_Legends form. For those who had these figures before, there really isn't anything one is missing so it's an easy pass. Other than that, there's not much else to say.

Until Next Time!

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