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ML Marvel STUD10S: Iron Man MK VII

Hasbro is not playing around with their #Marvel_Legends line. They have and will continue to take opportunity on the juggernaut that is Marvel--more specifically, the #MCU. The "First Ten Years" line is dedicated to some of the Cinematic Universe's pivotal moments in action figure form. My first catch of this series is none other than the Marvel Legends Iron Man Mark VII. Let's check out this action figure!

This is not a typical Marvel Legends box either and as it shouldn't be. This is Hasbro celebrating with Marvel on their success on their first 10 years of Cinematic domination! This is definitely something I appreciated since we are used to the 'usual' Marvel Legends box for our action figures. The box for the First 10 Years seems to cater towards collectors. I know I haven't (least I don't think I have) mentioned the idea of collecting without opening their figures... I used to be that kind. While I will never go back that way of collecting since I love displaying my figures (though I still have some unopened figures; maybe I should do a post on my #Game_Room), I do think that this kind of box style says a lot to Hasbro and their knowledge on their targeted audience. Also, each of these boxes has a short description on the movie it is highlighting; for this case, there is a small read on the first Avengers.

The other side panel has a piece of a picture collage that makes up a montage of some of the pivotal movies for the First 10 Years. Get them all and one can put together all the concept arts! Not sure if I will get that far but that's a cool feature.

The back of the box has a poster that is associated with the character's first movie appearance. A small bio in different languages are also in the back; for this case, it talks about Tony Stark's Mark VII armor.

As far as Mark VII's accessories, he comes with two pair of hands and repulsor blast effects. It's definitely better than nothing but some more would be nice. Still, I shouldn't complain too much since this can be one needs to make a good Iron Man action figure that is available at your local retail stores.

For a while, Iron Man's cinematic armor had very little things to distinguish them from each other. Sure Mark I, Mark II, Mark V, and the numbers that came with the "House Party Protocol"/Iron Man 3 all looked completely different and very easy to recognize, but for the most part, Starks' main numbered armors were all red and gold, all had the same helmet, all had similar weaponry. Around Mark VI and Mark VII is where we start seeing "some" difference. The classic Repulsors are no longer the 'strongest' weapon, just his signature. Red lasers started dominating and became that 'used sparingly because it's so strong'; and then he really started out-gunning War Machine, despite his best friend being a bit more out spoken with turrets and rocket launchers on his back. Also, Mark VII will be the first of many armors that start to really showing super advanced ways of Tony putting them on. Basically, it's no longer that armor in a briefcase. Armor pieces--the armor itself can start flying towards Tony and connecting themselves so that the man can be covered in Iron.

As an action figure, Hasbro really put some of their best foot forward. I'm glad they waited a while to make this armor since this is a pivotal armor for a lot of MCU fans. It is the other armor he wore in the first #Avengers movie in 2012. That's huge. The details may not all be there but this is mostly all new sculpt. They really nailed the bulkiness of this armor, ensuring that the recognizable things about it are present in action figure form. We have seen Hasbro pull things off like this before but the flaps on Iron Man's back signifies that Hasbro can do more (given that they can increase their price without us complaining, of course) to give some life and homage to the characters they are molding. All in all, there are plenty of details that really make this figure stand out from the previous releases of Iron Man related action figures.

Paint and choices of plastic to represent the Mark VII are as typical for a Hasbro Marvel Legend as they come. And that can be considered a bad and a good thing for those who are familiar with this line. Personally, it's not that bad at all. The red and the gold is metallic as they can get for this price point and the silver adds a small hint of contrast, while at the same time really brings out the dominance of the red. The only ones that I think that were short handed with the paint application is the arc reactor; it shouldn't look so dull since it is Stark's trademark symbol; then there are the helmet's eyes, which has baby blue surrounding the white replicating a glowing pair of eyes. It's good from a distance but looks off from up close. Could be worse though so not much complaint in that regard.

The pair of hands and the repulsor special effects do a good enough job to add dynamic into this action figure. I wish there were two pair of the blast effects so that toy photographers could have simulated both Iron Man attacking and flying. But having fists, repulsor hands, and repulsor blast effects is pretty much how I would expect an Iron Man Marvel Legends to come these days. Anything else like alternate helmet less head, swap out for other weaponry, etc, are just extra. That might be a bad thing, but you know, it's better to expect the bare bones than expect more and be shattered. All in all, what we are provided with this action figure does the job well enough.

Articulation is pretty good. While I can say that it's standard Marvel Legends range of movements, it has some things that are definitely a 'breath of fresh air'. The little hinging that is allowed of the flaps on his back adds a whole new depth to this action figure. Sure he has no real BIG surprise swivel or joint here and there, but honestly, as long as an Iron Man action figure can signify that he is about to fire, fly, look cool with a vanilla pose, and pose with some pompous stance that Stark can be known for, I think we have good enough articulation. The thing is that I tried once or twice to get the "Iron Man landing pose" and didn't like the things I was getting and gave up. Maybe one day Hasbro (and Hot Toy, honestly) should really consider an alternate lower body that is just meant to pose for that Iron Man signature landing pose. But, of course, that would increase the price of any action figure, mass produce or for the special collectors.

At the end of the day getting a different kind of Marvel Legends is definitely a welcome thing. With something as big as the Cinematic Universe, why wouldn't Hasbro jump on that opportunity? From what I have seen this Legends Series line are going to be an amalgamation of new action figures and recycled, which, honestly, could go either way as a positive or a negative thing. The Mark VII is definitely a new toy that has never seen the light of day in mass retail form. I'm glad I have it and despite missing a few marks (lackluster Arc Reactor paint, some messy paint job on the eyes, could have more accessories), I still think this is a good trade off for the price compared to the higher priced imports. I recommend this action figure to any Iron Man fans and as far as this series, well, let's just see if I can recommend the WHOLE wave.

Until Next Time!

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