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(Not My) Commission: Featuring Akali (K.DA)

Time for another one of those artwork sharing! This year, I'm going to do something different by sharing a few images of one character. Most, if not all the time, I'll be sharing different artists' interpretation of said character so it's more variety for the same enjoyment. With that said, we'll be sharing some fantastic fan arts of Akali from League of Legends in her KDA version! If you haven't seen the video, go check it out. I swear, it's freaking addicting that I am so interested in these gals. Especially Akali and Evelynn. Anyways, here we go!

Dandonfuga can have a post all dedicated to her with all the wonderful sexy heroines/characters she has on her page. Seriously! I can't say just how amazing her work is so to have her do Akali, well, it's quite satisfying. Just check out this GIF image and then go to her gallery! She has some amazing art!

Krysdecker is an artist I just found through searching through Akali fanart. Definitely an amazing fanart and definitely worth checking out the gallery of this artist!

I have been following Axsens for a while now and it's amazing the artwork I have seen from this Deviant. Don't believe me? Just check out the gallery! Akali looks amazing in this style!

Some more amazing GIFS? I love Akali's neon look but I also love her normal version. Artwork like this from Liang-Xing are nothing short of breath taking!

I love NOPEYS work! I've worked with this artist before and his quality says his price! Having Akali in his style with the vibrant coloring and sharp line work is definitely a blessing!

Lord-Dominik has an anime punch to his style and Akali is perfect for this kind of vibe. That pose too!

Oh man that's gorgeous! LoganCure is another artist that has that type of gallery full of SEXINESS! Akali looks gorgeous here to say the least!

Last but not least I'll be sharing Zarory's take on Akali. Both versions of her just looks so amazing. She almost has an innocent yet "I'll gouge your eyes out" expression. All the artists above both have Neons and Normal version of Akali; Zarory's is just the only one I posted both not because she pulled it off well but I just love both equally the same that I couldn't pick. So yeah!


In the process of finding the links for the artists, I kept stumbling on more and more fanart and at one point I had to just STOP. This would have probably kept on going had it not been for my willpower to just pull away. At any rate, check out each artists' fantastic and unique gallery to see more than just this lovely Pop-star. Won't be disappointed, that much I can almost guarantee! With that said, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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