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Art Share: Gwenpool D.i.D Tribute

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

So every once in a while Marvel comics decides to put out covers like this and, ya know, teases us to a possible #DiD moment. Lo and behold that it's another "Spider-Woman issue 6" moment (I'm going to make a post about that!) and there's no bondage at all. But the one thing classic Jessica Drew has over Ms. Poole is that at least two issues earlier, Ms. Drew actually had a chair-tied moment, Gwenpool #DiD not. At least, not that I found. Enter Adam Warren. Who's he one might ask?

This guy! Adam Warren is a man who isn't afraid to let the DiD/BDSM trope and feed it with more fire and watch it fire up the urge of people who don't understand why it's so sensual to see a damsel in distress. This particular art is obviously a reference to the Rocketeer poster from way back when. And wouldn't you know that Adam Warren is also responsible for another famous Superheroine who gets into so much distress that it makes golden age Wonder Woman want to learn self-bondage. At any rate, enjoy the damn art! It's lovely!

*Also, I'm going to do something with the issue #6 Spider-Woman and how that sparked something in me and so many others. One of these days I'll get to it.*

Until Next Time~

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