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Art Share: Rikku DiDressphere DLC edition

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Rikku in another #DiDressphere fiasco? It sure is! FourPieces once again joins the fray of #commission fandom and decides to continue my Rikku DiDressphere project (one that is one picture away from being done). It's the DLC edition, which, if it's not obvious, show cases the lovely Al Bhed in different outfits from other popular fictional gals from video games, movies, anime, and comic book. So here's the first batch and they are done by none other than the amazing AkinaSilver. Be sure to check out her DeviantArt for more amazing stuff!

The first outfit is none other than the ever so popular character from Overwatch: D.Va. Love the ball-tie position here. I also love the fact that we've seen Rikku in a vey similar outfit with another Dressphere... and I love the variation D.Va's default costume gives.

Ah, yes, 2B from Nier Automata. Can't say that I didn't expect this one. Everybody just loves 2B these days and to see Rikku in her outfit, well, I can't not enjoy it. The angle taken is the more discreet one. 2B's slit on her skirt is on the other side and it's interesting that this angle was chosen. Still, it works! I love it!

This outfit belongs to Lili from Tekken. Again, FourPieces is a bit more daring with the angle he uses to commission. I tend to like ones that show off MOST of the front if I can help it. But that's not to say that this one is not gorgeous either. Rikku in a white outfit is something not seen everyday.


As I have mentioned before, FourPieces became my Commissioning partner. Him and I are actually working hand in hand with some commissioned artwork that will be coming up soon. I have some input for some of the Rikku DLC DiDressphere coming up. Stay tuned for that!

Until Next Time!

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