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Art Share: Terra Branford Rendered

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Here I was mentioning that "(Not) my commissions" is not going to be a common thing on my blog. But, as luck would have it, my #commission of Terra Branford from SeductiveBunneh inspired a fellow Deviant, Iorel-Renders, to recreate it. It turned out pretty great and this work of collaboration really DiD something magnificent!

And here's Iorel's updated version. Both look really good, honestly.

I really like the model of #TerraBranford in #DissidiaNT! So having that accessible to renders like Iorel is awesome! So just look! Compare it to My Commission with the posture, the shiny metal-like ropes, and then of course the emotions! It really is a neat addition to an already growing #DiD artwork of Terra (which, I may add, I'm the one at the lead, I believe). But worry not! I do have one non-DiD art of Terra commissioned and it's on the way!

Until Next Time!

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