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Art Share: Terra, Rikku, & Iris

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

I don't think this will be a common theme but I can't help but post this #commissoin done by a fellow #DeviantArt member. FourPieces commissioned this wonderful #DiD from gals in the Final Fantasy realm: Terra Branford, Rikku, and Iris Amicitia. Yes, that's right! Three of my favorite gals from the #FinalFantasy world!

The art is done by a deviant, SaitoRyou I was not familiar with until FourPieces found and commissioner her. Definitely a very sensual situation these gals are in. FourPieces is another Rikku/FFX-2 enthusiast like myself and I have never met one just as fascinated with the Al Bhed as much as me. The great thing about it is that he commissioned Terra for me and Iris because there are lack of DiD moments with the FFXV cutie. Much thanks for the extra DiDness of these gals! Definitely appreciated by myself and other DiD enthusiast!

Until Next Time!

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