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Playarts Kai: FFVII-R Aerith Red Dress (News)

Well now! A beautiful #PlayartsKai just came out of nowhere and was dropped on my feed! This time around, it's Aerith Gainsborough in her beautiful red dress from FFVII-R! Guess Square knew just how beautiful she looked in all red, right?

I'm not going to lie, the chances of me picking this one up is pretty slim. Playarts Kai aren't exactly known for dropping some affordable and quality figures as of late; meaning, that the prototypes look amazing but the factory released figures usually end up rather off putting. And even when the final product does come out similarly close to the prototype, the price doesn't necessarily match what we get out of the action figure. Needless to say, I have some qualms with spending that much money especially when the action figure doesn't have the equivalence of the price it demands.

I mean, just from the looks of things, you get an alternate head and a few hands. Not exactly fitting the $200 it's asking for.

But if we are going by the prototype, the details are superb. Look all that clothing detail, the hair, and even her face. The paint job, I'm confident, will come out with some good details here and there. That pose though! Man! I'm tempted just for that!

With that said, again, I'm pretty sure I won't be getting her but I do want to share her beauty in case I get tempted to the dark side and I have the means to cave in. Something also tells me that where there is fancy-dressed Aerith, out will come a very beautiful and sexy purple dressed Tifa. I'm almost sure of it. We shall see.

Until Next Time!

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