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Playstation 5

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Playstation 5. Wow. We are in the 5th generation, eh? Playstation has been my main for gaming for a LONG time now. Ever since PSX and all its lovely games that came with it (FFVII just to name one), I definitely stuck around with Sony's console since the beginning. PS2 definitely was fantastic and I had some great memories there. Admittedly, I did get an X360 once and stuck with it for a moment but that thing was a red ring of death catastrophe and PS3 had the games I wanted. With PS4 being very kind to me (still is), I can only imagine what the Playstation has to offer. I'm going to link the streaming/reveal event and I'm also going to jot down the games that really appeal to me so, here we go!

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Have I ever mentioned that I detest putting "Spider-Man" next to Miles Morales? I won't get in details with it but I do abhor Miles--but I do like Miles within the PS4 universe. I just loved that game and when the "expansion"/sequel was announced for Holiday 2020 within the PS5, I can't deny just how excited I am to jump back in the virtual New York City within Insomniac's hard work. Miles has some different quirks about him as a wall-crawler, but all in all, he'll feel a lot like Parker did I assume. Again, to give players a 'different' game, I'm sure they'll tap into the few things that make Miles somewhat original and interesting.

Project Athia

I was hoping for FFXVI. Maybe this is FFXVI and it's just in its dormant name? Doubtful, but then again, FFXIII Versus became FFXV. I'm not sure about this game yet and I don't have very much to say other than it looks beautiful and it looks interesting. Again, it's too early in its development stage to say anything positive or negative but it's something to keep on the list.

Horizon Forbidden West

I didn't play Horizon Zero Dawn. Shame, huh? I heard it was a good game and from what I have seen it was a pretty game. The PS5 sequel looks pretty darn good, that's for sure! I am interested, but for me to really get invested in the game, I need to get Horizon Zero. Still, this PS5 exclusive does show promise for the life of Sony's 5th console.

Resident Evil 8 (or VIllage)

After Resident Evil 6, I've pretty much given up on this series. I played RE 2 Remake and that was awesome, but RE VII's first-person gameplay did not have anything for me. Resident Evil 8 continues that trend but hey, it's a Resident Evil!

Solar Ash

The art style is definitely something I can get behind. It's very unique and very captivating. I'm not sure what the gameplay is but I'm pretty sure it's going to be a 3rd person platformer-ish? Anyways, another one I need to keep my eyes on!

Demon's Soul Remake

This is the game. This is the game out of all the games shown that really got my jives going. This is it. Demon's Souls is the one that started the Soulsborne genre. This is it. And I'm so happy that they're giving it love again--not just for the sake of giving it a HD remaster, but they're just plain giving it an overhaul. It's going to be a remake! Seemingly built from the ground up! This is fantastic news! I loved the original PS3 game and I beat that thing at least twice! I love it! I adore the Maiden in Black too! It was just a great experience!

I wonder if the original actress for the Maiden will come back? I hope so. She did a fantasti job and was part of the reason why the Maiden is very memorable to me. Regardless, I'll keep my faith in the notion that they'll do this remake justice. No release date yet, but I'll keep my eyes out!

All in all, it wasn't a bad show that Sony put out. There were plenty of indie games and a couple of good Triple-A games. While not every game excited me, I will say that there are some good hitters that I'm really looking forward to! Here's to a great generation of gaming then! It's just the beginning!

Until Next Time!

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