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Playstation 5 is Here

Okay so the #Playstation_5 had arrived at least a year ago but it's only now that I managed to get my hands on it! Yes, I'm very excited. Yes I will talk about it and take better pics later but for now, let me just enjoy this beauty!

The Playstation 4's set up didn't go in line with Playstation 5's demands. The wires were shorter and the machine itself is taller so I had to do some rearranging. I don't mind. It's up and standing and working!

Don't judge me by my sheets, okay?!

And what WOULD be the first game I'd play on my PS5? Well, it's none other than #FFXIV itself! Yes, my girl, A'rlen Sirushi just looks gorgeous in these graphics. Also, the wait time and the hunts are so much more convenient! Let me tell you! Well, at any rate, time to go game! I'm sure I'll talk plenty about this piece through the year! Plenty! Also, more beautiful pics of my Miqo'te in the future (near or far). Pretty excited! And somewhere along the line, Demon's Souls and FFVII-R Intergrade!

Until Next Time!

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