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(Project) Commission: The Victorious Vixens

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

"She once had this idea... to put together a group of remarkable young women. To see if she can lead them to become something more, so they can fight the battle that she couldn't fight alone."

 I know, I know. I totally ripped off the #Avengers quote but hey, it's a damn great quote to get inspired by! But seriously, I have this "fantastic" idea. I'm going to do a MAJOR #COMMISSION involving my "Main 4". It's going to be #DiD of course, and I'm still trying to see what artist(I have a few in mind like Root001 whenever he is available or if he's willing to take this on)  can really suit my needs both budget and caliber. It's going to be a pretty expensive project considering, which is why I'm trying to see WHO wants to help out with his so-called project. HOW? Well, by supporting me on my Ko-fi account. 

I talked about Ko-fi in THIS POST and how it's a bit different from Patreon. Honestly, the more support I get, the more I can make this commission as extensive as possible. Also, it's not just for this project. If anyone just feels like giving me some kind of tangible appreciation, I wouldn't mind. :) 

At any rate, hope to see y'all in that route! Here are some past #DiD commissions of these four:

And some NON-DiD commissions:

Please, help me make it happen! :D The more the merrier! 

Until Next Time!

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