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REO: Stephanie Panisello Interview

Residence of Evil is a channel that I just recently found thanks to my renewed love thanks to the arrival of Resident Evil 2 Remake; glad that I did because they have some awesome stuff like this video right here.

Now it comes to no surprise that I have a renewed love for Claire Redfield. Obviously my FIRST play through was with Claire and I definitely got into her character thanks to all the work that was placed on Claire. Obviously there's the face model, Jordan Mcewen, the techs and devs that created her, then there's Stephanie Panisello who did more than voice acting--as she reveals in this video, she did the motion capture, face capture, etc.

Aside from the fact that Stephanie didn't change her voice much to be Claire, (I mean, I keep picturing Claire as she is talking), I like her enthusiasm. I love just how into it she is into the game, the interview, and just fantastic. Just great. She's a gamer too so it's pretty awesome! It's a lengthy video, but it's worth a listen.

ALSO, she voiced Moogles?! WHAT?! Well, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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