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Revoltech: Kaiyodo Amazing Yamaguchi Psylocke

Wait, what? Yes, an import Psylocke figure! And I definitely love this! While it has been a while since I purchased a #Revoltech action figure (not to mention, I have steered away from their Amazing Yamaguchi line), this Psylocke figure is something worthy to admire.

Thanks to The Fwoosh for making me aware of this, this beautiful and highly articulated beauty is going to be definitely add some color in my collection. Visiting The Fwoosh's blog post about this, one can see the prototype's capability (both the painted and non painted). Can get some serious sexiness in vanilla posing and at the same time, one can really pull off some dynamic Kunoichi style action scenes with her--again, it's the signature of the Amazing Yamaguchi: highly exaggerated articulation. But the sacrifice might be the aesthetics and I'm not sure if Psylocke is going to suffer like the other figures due to the plethora of joints and articulation. Still, it's something worth to look at. She also comes with some good accessories, so for that, I can't knock it down.

Here's the video! There are more things in here that I am interested in! But, as far as imports go, it's going to continue to be a busy month.

Until Next Time!

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