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Rikku: Cosplayers

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

While featuring cosplay might be a little different from my usual posts, it does feature Rikku--one of my all time favorite gals. Now full disclosure, the pictures I will share aren't the only ones out there worth of Rikku's face/body, but these are some of my favorites. I'm sure there will be more in the future. But without further adieu, let's get to sharing!


Calssara is a favorite of mine. She cosplays other beauties from the #fandom world but when she dresses up as Rikku, it stands out to me.

She has a certain flare because she makes her own costumes and it also helps that she and her photographers have a way for making the photos look dynamic and natural.

Also, the sceneries are just amazing as well! The picture above makes it look like that she is in Besaid!


I'm pretty sure I've made it clear that Rikku's original FFX outfit isn't my favorite but there's no denying that she was still cute regardless. Astelvert over here just made a fantastic set.

There's also a level of cuteness that cannot be denied with her, right?


Another pretty spot on cosplayer is this Russian beauty. X-2 Thief is definitely my favorite outfit for Rikku and having a beautiful gal like her just pull it off is something to just adore.

The environment is also done well and the photos are just in good quality. Gnitae also replicates this classic Rikku pose and I can't complain how well she pulls it off!


Narga is also a good one. While she has other photos that are pretty good, I picked this one because it just looks serene and rather fitting for Rikku, if the Al-Bhed ever sits still.


Another good little cosplay. Garnet over here do some other FF gals for cosplay but clearly my favorite one is her Rikku. Really dynamic picture too!


As far as other Dresspheres go, Rikku's got some pretty complicated ones. The Dark Knight is probably one of the simpler ones in my opinion, believe it or not. Saying all that, it's definitely not one of her well known ones so needless to say, I'd never imagine to actually witness people cosplay it. Well, KICKACosplay treats us with her own take of the Dark Knight Rikku. It's pretty good looking all things considered, the sword looks convincing too! While the background isn't something to really say is 'out of this world', it's still rather fitting. Suffice to say, the picture does look good. I can definitely appreciate the time and effort placed on this cosplay!


Rikku's Berserker Dressphere is one of my favorites, that's for sure. It's definitely a bit more of a complex one to replicate but I think Ryuuux3 did a fantastic job!


I'm not fond of Rikku as a magic user but since Lulu was not in the party, Rikku ended up being my Black Mage. It took me a while to get used to how Rikku's Black Mage Dressphere looked but once I ended up liking it, I ended up really loving it. Glad this lovely cosplayer managed to get all the kinks needed to get the look!


Rikku's Songstress Dressphere is also a fantastic one. Glad it gets some love as well through some cosplaying! This lovely gal did some magic with this one!


Nothing wrong with a sexy gal dressed as Rikku relaxing on a beach!


Now here are some other Cosplays that I haven't been able to pinpoint the exact the location. If anyone can find it, please let me know!

I definitely adore this Black Mage take of Rikku. It's a very intricate costume and when cosplayers get it right, I am impressed!

This gal right here, the shot, the pose, the emotion... this is probably one of my favorite Rikku cosplay. Just sexy and mysterious.


Well, that's about it. Not sure if I'm going to do more of these but I figure I'd give Rikku some love since she is one of my personal favorite gal. Some of these ladies spent a lot of time with these and they definitely deserve some attention.

Until Next Time!

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