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RIP Stephen Critchlow

11/1966 - 09/2021

Sad tidings as a person who helped make FFXIV (Heavensward to be exact) the legend that it is passed away. Stephen Critchlow, the voice of Edmont de Fortempts. Sad, sad day for the game is definitely a source of happiness for me. This man helped make that possible because his character had some pivotal emotional moments. I offer my condolence to his family, his friends, and may the coming days of grief be as bearable as it can be.

A'rlen and a few other WoLs giving their respect in-game.

"Thank you for welcoming me."

And this is a fitting music for a time of remembering--the good days and night spent.

Let the deeds written herein never be forgot, that they may inspire generations yet unborn to strive ever heavensward.” -Edmont De Fortempts

See You Next Time.

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