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Samurai Warriors 5?!

There was a Samurai Warriors 5?! Where the hell have I been? Better late than never I suppose. Well, just from reading a few things here and there, this game is a reboot and they have changed some things. Major things and it has PO'ed a lot of old-time fans. As for me? I'm not sure. I do want a hack and slash game (still hoping for a FF Warriors!). But one thing I want to say is that I welcome this gal:

NoHime! I've always been a fan of her and while she underwent some drastic change to fit SW5... I'm still all for it! Though her claws and bombs are still something I'll back to in terms of the original weapon.

Gone through some changes, didn't she? I got introduced to her through her 2nd outfit! Much thanks to The4thSnake for this.

So, will I be grabbing this? Maybe. We'll see. Just thought it's funny that I just found out about this now. Must have been a busy summer in 2021, eh?

Until Next Time!

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