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SEGA Premium: Asuka Langley Shikinami (The Last Mission)

Here we go! Another statue joins my game room for 2022! This time around, however, it's an anime character that is very near, dear, and familiar to me. It's none other than Asuka Langley Shikinami--that Asuka from The Rebuild of Evangelion. While I'm a bigger fan of Red Plugsuit Asuka, the white definitely has its appeal which is why I was enticed to get this statue. With that said, let's get into the review, shall we?

A pretty familiar box in regards to how it is set up, right? I've had some SEGA statues before and they're not all that grand in regards to their designs and the such. Though it's not boring, it's informative, and it does the job adequately. It's not going to keep the figurine safe and sound when dropped from the tallest building, but it does a fine enough job when it's time to deliver for purchase. It also does the job of ensuring that the buyer sees most of the finer details that comes with the figurine.

I can read "Sega", "Last Mission", and "1". That's about it.

I'm an Asuka fan more so I am an Evangelion fan--though I do like the anime and the "Rebuild" isn't entirely too bad; both Neon and Rebuild are quite jarring at times, however, but the stand out character for me is none other than the tsundere red pilot, Asuka Soryu Langley--or for Rebuild's case: Asuka Langley Shikinami. For the sake of this figurine, we'll have to go with the latter.

Distant, aggressive, abrasive, loud... the phrase "what are you stupid?" is almost a must for a tsundere to me; not verbatim but in some words or actions. With all that said, at first glance this figurine doesn't seem to capture Asuka's essence. While the pose is definitely something she has done before, the one thing that gets me is her facial expression. For the majority of the anime (Rebuild and/or original), Asuka is usually angry, enraged, condescending, or just flat out in despair. This statue's face, she's calm, serene, confident, but seemingly caring (?). Definitely not something you will see from the 2nd Child. Just thought I'd get it out of the way because it's there for me. But with that stated, it definitely does not mean that I don't like this. I obviously do since I gravitated towards it and now I am reviewing it!

Now the body mold and some of the way SEGA did the sculpting is just beautiful. Asuka's lithe form is definitely present and the reference to some of Evangelion's popular official artwork is definitely prominent here. There are lots of details placed with the plugsuit's bells and whistles.

Dare you look?

The pose, as I mentioned, is actually quite calm for it being one of the popular tsundere of the anime world. It's done quite well and it compliments Asuka's slender frame!

Color-wise, you know this isn't as pronounced as the other Asuka statues I own--mostly because the dominant red is missing. But the red paint that are peppered all over still gives the aura that this is the 2nd Child! Also the white, while mostly matted, plays well with the contrasting blues, reds, and Asuka's 'organic' part like her hair and her face. I know that some of the shots I took doesn't exactly highlight Asuka's fiery red hair, but by all accounts, it's not as bright as other figures make it. Though it is still recognizably Asuka's hair.

I didn't talk about it as much, but her hair does have some nice sculpting. It's pretty dynamic and it implies a windy day!

Every curve is well hugged--done. Definitely some attention given.

And while the base leaves plenty to desire, it's not at all bad. It fits and it's not distracting nor is it plain enough for me to complain.

And here she is next to my other Asuka collectables (the POP is the one I have a review on this blog). Clearly she sticks out because she is the only one in white. Just putting her next to the other Asukas that are wearing the original red, I'd say it's a good change but seeing her in red is always better for the eyes. Don't get me wrong, she wears white quite well and I'm waiting to see how it will all play out in Rebuild, but ya know--red is Asuka's signature color!

All in all, I'm pretty happy to have this figurine! SEGA does it again by providing a simple, affordable, and well executed piece. I am still waiting patiently for how Evangelion Rebuild is going to turn out. That thing has been going on for a good decade and possibly half. But regardless, merchandise like this I'll always eat up! Suffice to say, with most of my collection in storage, I don't get to put out the majority of my Asuka figures--but when I do, this one will definitely stand out! Highly recommended.

Until Next Time!

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