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Sega Prize: Elsa & Bruni

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Ah, this one. I definitely got excited the moment I found out of the existence of this little figurine! So, let's get right on the review! Definitely some exciting things to get into!

Sega Prize doesn't have very elaborate or fanciness with their box. But, it's hardly something that would put weight on the product inside. But I will say I appreciate the 'fall theme' used since it is how Frozen 2 was marketed. Seems like Frozen is going through the seasons, eh? We got Summer, Fall, and Winter! So Frozen 3 is going to be going to be around Spring? Maybe? I suppose we are going to see. And yes, I do believe there is going to be a Frozen 3. How can there not be?

If I haven't made it obvious, I do adore Elsa's "Journey/Default" dress. It pays homage to the fanciness of her first "Snow Queen" dress from the first movie but it takes liberty in making it friendly for Elsa to go on a journey, something that Frozen 2 was all about. Some of the earliest complaints I was reading and hearing about was that Elsa's dress looked too plain and not as glamorous but there if one looks closely, there are plenty of neat details that pay homage to the first dress such as the motifs that are sprinkled all over her dress (shoulders, back, boots, belt), the color scheme, and glittery and transparent tassels/cape, and so much more. Also, I do like that while it does have said details, it's subtle and not as glaring. The 'suit' she wears underneath is also very ice-magic-y and it becomes her stand in dress for a good portion of the third act. It's a good choice and it's one of my favorite outfit that Elsa wears. I'm happy that Sega Prize went this one.

The pose they used for this statue is actually reminiscent of a moment in Frozen 2--that moment when she tamed the fire spirit, Bruni. It's not 100% copy of that said moment, but it is definitely that. And I appreciate the liberties taken since we get plenty of merchandise of Elsa in a very popular-stock pose. Once in a while, a different and 'original' pose wouldn't be such a bad idea and it definitely still fits Elsa's personality. There's still some dynamic being shown with her cape and skirt 'flowing' in the wind as she looks on the tiny Salamander.

The base stand, though... too plain.

I've mentioned it before that Sega Prize's figure stands don't do much for me. They're plain and uninspired but at least for this Elsa, it does the job. One thing I do dislike is that they're so thick. I think a flat stand would do the job. Though again, it does the job. From this angle, one can definitely see more details of the sculpt of her dress and hair. Nicely done.

Look at the signature snowflake on her back!

The colors are fantastic! The choices of blues used for the plastic hits the right notes! It looks like Elsa! The transparent blue for the cape really plays off the idea that it's magically made and the shading on the lower part of her skirt is also well done. Not much complaint honestly. Not the most detailed paint job but it is more than adequate.

Bruni gets some love too! Disney knew they had something with this cute little Salamander so they just had to make merch of him. Sure Sega Prize's version doesn't get very detailed but what we get is more than respectable. Fits right in with the adoring Elsa who is looking at the Fire Spirit with love and content.

Yes, I adore this statue so much that the photoshoot was quite fun! Took plenty of pics of her!

Here are the two Frozen 2 Sega Prize Elsa side by side. While I like both, I definitely prefer Elsa & Bruni version.

Here is Frozen 2 Elsa & Bruni next to Frozen 1 Sega Prize Elsa. I still think the first one has a lot more going for it but I do like both. Wish that stand is a bit better though.

With my only complaint being that the stand is too plain, I think this is a wonderful addition to my growing Elsa collection. Nicely sculpted, well-picked pose, nice expression, and clean paint job, it's definitely a keeper. While it doesn't live up to the Frozen 1 Sega Prize Elsa, it still has its merit and I do recommend her to any Elsa fans. I'm very happy if I was to put it in plain words.

Until Next Time!

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