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Soul Calibur VI: YoRHa Unit 2B!?

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Yes, that's right. 2B is coming to Soul Caliber VI. I know, right? This is the first time I gave this game attention in this blog. I'm not a hardcore nor even a casual player of the Soul Caliber series. I played a couple for the sake of trying it--neither disliked it or liked it. It's just not a franchise that I got myself into like Street Fighter. But the series has always been known for its signature guest playable characters from different genres: Darth Vader, Spawn, the guy from Witcher, Ezio, Link, and a few others.

Now we have 2B!

I am going to buy this game just for her. I may not be good at Soul Caliber, I may not find myself going online to play competitively like I do with Dissidia NT, but at least I can play as 2B again! From the sounds of it, both 2B and Pod 042 will have their voice actress/actor reprise their roles. Super exciting!

Until Next Time!

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