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Spider-Man 2: Peter Parker I

What's a Spider-Man game without Peter Parker, the original Spider-Man? This is going to be a spam of some photos I took while playing as the original Spider-Man. And unlike Miles, I'm more familiar with some of Peter's suits so I am able to categorize and talk about them a bit. Without further adieu, let's get into this photo dump, shall we?


The Amazing Spider-Man

It's no secret that I adore Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man portrayal. Sure, the movies have some serious issues but I still feel that his character and his portrayal (along with Emma Stone's performance as Gwen) did not get the full care. Regardless, I'm glad that it's still getting some attention and some love in HD fashion. Both his 'original' Amazing Spider-Man suit and his Amazing Spider-Man 2--the latter, more or less, is the classic look for sure.

The Sandman missions were fun! I used this Amazing suit for a few missions.

I'll never stop being amazed that Insomniac managed to get the alternate suits inside the cut scenes! The Amazing Spider-Man Suit 2 looks really good!

Comic book shots, of course. Sadly, I didn't do enough of this classic Spider-Man pose!

KAPOW indeed, eh?

Superior Spider-Man

The Superior Suit actually has three versions. For a while, Otto/Peter wore a red and black version of his original suit with modified shoes, new lenses for his eyes, and a sharper logo. Then we really get into the classic "Superior" suit with the red and black, the gauntlets, and the familiar spider legs! I really liked that suit! To this day, remains to be on my top five. Then he had his "Superior Octopus" suit which just looks like a repaint of his red and black version. In the comics, the logo on his chest was different but for the game, it's a simple color-swap.

Otto in Peter's body definitely had him play the aggressive side. This is definitely something he would've done. A lot more broken bones and bloody bodies too.

And, of course, Doc Ock had the spider legs. And trust me, they played a huge part in the things he did to make him a superior Spider-Man. I mean, why did Parker let Stark give him three legs rather than four? Sheesh.

And then, of course, Otto's post-Superior Spider-Man run. I'm not a fan of the color scheme but it's a good-looking suit. That weird oxymoron, right?

Iron Spider

I like Iron Man and I love Spider-Man. Fusion dance and what do we get? The Iron Spider suit that Stark built for Parker. I'm probably a bigger fan of the suit than a lot of Spidey fans out there. I just think it has more to offer to Spidey than most suits. It can change its look like the Symbiote but without the negative effects, it has more armor protection, it has the 'waldoes', and he pretty much flies. It also looks amazing.

I always have to praise Insomniac's take on this suit!

There is a lot going on for sure!

If he has this suit against Venom, it might be a more grounded fight when we're talking about fist-to-fist.

The Superhero Landing!

I do like Insomniac's attention to detail. They change the spider-legs/waldoes to mirror the suit and the Iron Spider Armor looks amazing with those gold waldoes.

With the Spider-Legs/Waldoes now becoming mainstream Spider-Man entertainment, it's easier to see what Stark was trying to do with Spidey's update way back when. They also end up looking good shots too.

That's a good cover.

Now, I'm not a huge fan of the MCU Spider-Man during the Endgame run. I really liked him towards the halfway mark with Now Way Home, for sure.

Symbiote/Black Suit Spider-Man

Now this suit was the main showcase for a lot of fans! While iconic as it is, making it the forefront idea of Parker's update is something I've been waiting for for a while now. Now the story of the symbiote, its pros and cons, and its eventual shift to Venom is well documented and has been retold a plethora of ways now.


There are a ton of Spider-Man suits/skins out there. Spiderverse drumroll! Just going to quickly go through them! And believe me, the ones I showcase here are not the entire lineups of Spidey's suits, and will probably get more through free updates and future DLCs! But here are some of my favorite ones and/or ones that I was able to catch in a good photo moment! Enjoy!

The Noir suit!

The one thing about the Spiderverse Movie Suit is that it gives an extra flare by fixing Peter's framerate to match the animation in the movies. It's a fun addition! Definitely makes the outfit even more 'special' in its own way.

There are black & white filters to give that Noir look, for sure.

Can't really see it but that's a Future Foundation outfit. A black and grey color variant of it, that is. And a webbed-up gal who thinks she's got what it takes to guard a room with Spider-Man lurking about.

The Anti-Octopus suit! Guess even Parker had to come up with his own busters, right?

This was an awesome shot! I enjoyed making this happen. Spider-Punk is another stand-out character from the Spiderverse as well. I do like him but he's not one of my top favorites for sure.

A bit of a religious look, right? Well considering that Tobey's Spider-Man is looked upon so highly, this outfit definitely has some semblance of godhood. Yes, that's the suit from the first few Spider-Man movies.

I do not like the Wraith character. I don't buy into Yuri learning to be a crime fighter as she is. Would've preferred Black Cat to have a bigger story and as an ally that pops in. Well, we did get a new costume and what a fantastic shot, right?

The Original Classic

I really should take more pictures of classic Spidey. I'm hoping to get more pics but... I already platinumed Spider-Man 2 a week ago. And I know, I have yet to talk about it, right? Anyway, here are some pics.

Definitely going to get a good paycheck with that pic, right Parker?

I know, I used this pic before!


Yes, I'm going to eventually talk about me beating Spider-Man 2. But for now, I'm going to continue enjoying photo mode. I do hope to get more of Spidey's other alternate suits in here since there are quite a few I do enjoy. With that said, enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Until Next Time!

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