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Spider-Man PS4: Gameplay and Skins

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Does whatever a Spider can! Oh man, amongst the Action Figures coming out, the commissions, and the awesome cinematic movies, the idea of a brand new game to swing my way is kind of lost in translation!

While still stuck on #Dissidia_NT, I am still looking ahead and see what games are coming out. As you all know, I'm still too involved with Dissidia to peel myself away, but maybe a game like the Ps4 Spider-Man can do the job. Here's a few videos of what we know so far:

The gameplay looks like it's going to be sick! That has always been a feeling I have that was going to happen. But alternate suits... yes. YES. So me, being a #Spiderverse (or an X-2 fan, which doesn't make sense in the fandom of Spider-Man) over here, totally jumped on the idea. What suits do I want:

  • Back in Black- Now I know we're not going to be putting symbiotes in the game, but come on now, a Spidey game WITHOUT the black suit? That's a crime.

  • Scarlet Spider- There have been a few iterations of the Scarlet Spider. Who I want is the Kaine version. "All the power, none of the responsibilities". That is just freaking badass to me.

  • Superior Spider-Man- I definitely want the second version. You know, being a red and black color scheme lover myself. It's a must.

  • Iron Spider- We know that the Iron Spider appeared in #Avengers_Infinity_War, but I am talking about the comic book version. I need this in a brand new game. I loved how it looked in Shattered Dimensions, but this is a must in a ps4 graphics level! Come on! Please!

  • Asassin Spider-Man- Come on now! We Have to have this!

  • Armored Spider-Man MK I- I've always loved how this looked. Would love it even more if it appears in this game.

  • Armored Spider-Man MK IV- All new, but not too different, one of the rare times I LOVE the classic blue and red!

  • Spider-Man 2099- I have no problem with the second costume, but the first 2099 version would be best suited to my liking!

  • Aaron Aikman- This guy didn't even join the Spider-Army because he died an offscreen death, but come on! I love this guy's suit!

Okay, that's a lot listed, and there's a lot more I want to see! The possibilities are limitless with how much suits Spidey has worn over the years(or how many men/women have donned the moniker). Still, all that aside, one of the things I look forward to the most aside from possibly a good narrative side is the feeling of swinging all over again. That freedom, the true feeling of how it is like to be Spider-Man in the tip of my fingers! This game has potential and with all that in mind, I think I'm going to really enjoy this game. Hope to get more updates later but for now, that's all I have.

Until Next Time!

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