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Square Enix: Bring Arts & Playarts Kai (preorder & news)

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

I'm going to briefly talk about something that seems to have gone under the radar for me: Square Enix's rebranding or new toy line called: Bring Arts. The first time I came across this is when I found out about the 2B figure. It might be a separate toy line or it might be a rebranding, I don't know. I'll have to do more research on it. Regardless of what name this series of action figure takes, as long as they keep putting out some awesome toys with more character variety, I'll be happy. With the news I found out from Toyark, it looks like some obscure characters are entering the fray. So let's check the news out, shall we?

Xenogears: I played Xenogears a LONG time ago and actually enjoyed it. Not going to talk about the pros and cons, but despite its flaws, it's a game that I still hold close to this day. Some odd years later, we are finally getting some figures for it? Not just any figures, HIGH quality figures! I don't own any Bring Arts Figures just yet, but if they are anywhere near Playarts Kai (with some improvement, of course), then these figures are going to be legit. I can't resist female figures as easily as I can push aside males, so with that said, Fei Fong Wong might be a pass while Elhaym Van Houten is a go.

Yorha Unit 2B: I've already talked about this one. Nier Automata struck the right fandom! With the leading gal, 2B, an amalgamation of sexiness and badassery(?), it's no surprise that she tug the heart strings of geeks everywhere! Suffice to say, Square Enix deciding to release a figure of her is more than welcome! I can't wait to have 2B in my collection!

Terra Branford: Even if Final Fantasy Dissidia NT turned out to be a disappointment for me (Clearly it wasn't, as My Review states), I would have gotten this beauty regardless. Terra Branford stole my heart LONG before Rikku did and this half Esper half human femme fatale will always be my first Final Fantasy waifu (sorry, Rikku!). Now this is still a Playarts Kai and it's coming out mid year. So whether or not Square Enix is branching off to a new toy line with Bring Arts Figures, or Terra Branford may be one of the last Playarts Kai, I'm not sure. As long as they keep improving and putting some under loved character into the collection industry, I'm happy!

Lightning: I've been off and on about getting a Playarts Kai of Lightning. Not because I am one of those that loathes Final Fantasy XIII; quite the opposite. I enjoyed FFXIII, but I hold true to my opinion that it is a very flawed game (this is a Good Video to sum up how I feel about the game). I like Lightning, but I couldn't really justify having her being the second Playarts Kai figure in my collection (I have Fran; might do a review on her some time later). With Terra coming out, I definitely need to have her so that Terra will have someone to stand next to and not look awfully tall next to my other Playarts.

Noctis Lucis Caelum: I enjoyed FFXV as well so to have a Playarts Kai of Noctis is definitely a must. I love his design (loved his FFXIII Versus design better), love his fighting style, and I am very forgiving with FFXV's debacle. Heck, I'm also one of those who is getting the Royal Edition! With that said, having FFXV's Noctis stand next to FFXIII's Lightning and FFVI's Terra in a "Dissidia NT" realm would be amazing! I already know that it's going to be a busy month with Noctis and Lightning both released from preorder at the same time (supposedly, anyways. BigBadToyStore is sometimes off with their release date).

So that's about it for now. I'm going to be swimming in backlog reviews again by the middle of this month! It's all in good nature though, as long as these figures look as good as their promotional shots. Definitely want to see where they go with the Xenogears figures!

Until Next Time!

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