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State of Play 2022

Well! I keep missing the annual reminder of this event! And honestly, State of Play 2022 has some hitters we are going to look at. As usual, I'm going to miss a few and I'll only be highlighting the ones that really interest me. So without further adieu, let's get to it, shall we?

Okay so this game was called "Project Eve" at one point but now it actually has a name and a substantial trailer. Looks good. Looks stylized and gratuitous. I'm really interested in it for sure. There's a whole "Adam & Eve" thing going on and I got this feeling that Eve is going to take the community to another level.

Samurai game? Down! Ronin? Down. Ghost of Tsushima-ish? Down! Let's go! I'm sold! I'm good! Let's go! Team Ninja! Yeah, down! I'm sold. Totally.

Another Samurai game? Yes. I didn't play Yakuza as much as back then but hey, I'm down. Between this and Rise of the Ronin though, I'm going with Ronin if I have to choose.

I need to play God of War 2018. Seriously. Before I get into this one, I know I need to play first to get the scope of this game. Ragnarok looks very interesting and fun.

Will this quench my Final Fantasy thirst? I'm waiting for the next installment of FFVII R, I'm waiting for FFXVI, I'm waiting for the major expansion of FFXIV... so here's Crisis Core. I didn't finish the game when it was on PSP. I hope the gameplay is better though. The story was... a bit jarring at times. But eh. Well, can they release the first Dissidia games then, please?

There's major hype with Street Fighter VI, that's for sure. But here comes Tekken 8! I can't sit here and say I'm the biggest fan of Tekken but one would be a fool to not take notice of this! Sheesh!

Well, I'm sure there are more that I missed. I'll probably update this when I get around to them but all in all, it was a pretty good State of Play! At least I know that if I'm not playing #FFXIV, I have a few games coming on the horizon!

Until Next Time!

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