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State of Play 2022: My Highlights

While Final Fantasy XVI is high on my list, the rest of Sony's State of Play had some other hitters that caught my attention. As usual with these events, I'm going to highlights one that interests me. There are a few others that are hitters within that 30 min so do check that out if you haven't already!


Resident Evil 4

Ah! Resident Evil Remakes! Resident Evil 2 Remake was good. I loved that game. I adored Claire and Leon's remake returns, and while I didn't play Resident Evil 3 Remake (and honestly heard some negative things about it far more than positive), I do believe there is a charm with these remakes--seeing older RE games redoing their beloved titles. RE4 is a juggernaut in the line up of Resident Evil and so here we are.

If anything else, it's about the characters. And while everyone's going crazy over Ashley's new look.... what about Ada? Also, who are we to forget this moment:

Hoping that Capcom does not cut this short because... well... I'd be disappointed to say the least.

Street Fighter 6

I've fallen out of fighting games a long time ago but that doesn't mean I don't delve back in it every once in a while. Street Fighter is my go-to and to see the 6th addition make an appearance.... well I'm VERY happy.

The excitement for me is that I have played Street Fighter since the SF II days--SUPER NES days. While I will never be world-class player, I am an avid fan of the characters, the story (muddled as it can be), and just the overall legacy this franchise had brought through its life. And I'm glad the cycle continues. The characters, while going through quite a bit since their early days of warring with Shadaloo for their own purpose, have remained strong and grown in their own way!

And grown and changed they have. With this leak picture, we can see that some classic characters remain while 'relatively' new comers from SFIV and SFV jump over, and then, of course, new challengers enter the fray. Good line up, but I'm sure we are going to see more--patches and/or DLC. Pretty excited!


And then there's this oddball that caught my attention because of reasons. Said reasons includes gameplay, of course. Looks fun and engaging. Of course the anime cliche are all over this game but I don't mind. I have a good chance of trying this out...... but we'll see! It may be one of those games that looked good at the moment but then gets lost into obscurity because it's mediocre and doesn't get enough buzz for me to completely keep my eyes on it.


There ya go from me. Again, 2022 State of Play had a lot of hitters that could really make 2023 feel like a major year for gaming. Good State of Play for sure and I can hardly wait for some of these games. Will definitely update as I get more news, obviously. In the mean time, going to watch more of the FFXVI trailer!

Until Next Time!

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