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State of Play 2022: Final Fantasy XVI Trailer

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

The moment this thing popped up and we go crazy! This was one of the main things I was waiting on for. #FFXVI! Now it's been some time since Final Fantasy 16 came about with some significant news. And on 2022, on PS5's State of Play, we get this monster! WOOF! Now I can't say enough compared to what the video was able to give out. But let me just do some screen shots to put some of my words, shall we?

Now, we have Shiva. One of my favorite Summon/Eikon/Aeon/Esper in all of Final Fantasy!

I really want to see what she can do and how big she is within FFXVI's lore! Just based around what we are told and what we know about the lore, she's going to be a major hitter--as she should be!

Now, I'm not going to show every single Eikon, but we do have Bahamut here! As usual, he looks sick!

Not the best screenshot, I know!

And Garuda?! One of FFXIV's Eorzea-born Primal? Her avatar? Again, not 100% sure if the avatars work like Ysayle-Shiva, but if this is her avatar, well now. Aya Brea vibes!

Now, again, there are some fantastic showings of some of our Summons but let me just see this. An Eikon battle? How is this going to work, right? RIGHT?!

Clive Rosfield. The new guy.

I love you.

SUmmer of 2023. Just around the corner some 365 days away!

Alright, I would end this here and say "Until Next Time" deal, but there is something that truly touched my heart that Yoshi-P seems to have the magic of doing. I just want to share it because it truly fits in these dying times (I don't talk about it here, but I am more than sensitive to the issues). But here we go.

The man knows his words. I'll leave it there.

Until Next Time.

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