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TorchTorch: Ranni the Witch Statue

Well, here we go! A Ranni the Witch statue from TorchTorch--never heard of them until now and they are pretty serious with FromSoftware merchandise. It's no secret that I adore Ranni; she is my stand out character from Elden Ring so getting a merchandise of her is something that isn't far from my radar, of course.

I love the pose. It's quintessential pose for the Snow Witch, but hey, if it ain't broke don't fix it. it's simple but definitely leaning on the details.

And there are PLENTY details. I'm sure this will cost an arm and a leg.

The "specter face" is present too. It's done so well.

I really want this one, but I am going to start adhering to being a bit more lean with what I have on my shelving. I'm running out of room and the weight of the cost isn't getting any cheaper. Stand out characters though are a must and Ranni might just break that. Will keep things updated as I find out more stuff about this statue.

Until Next Time!

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