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(Toy News)Sega Prize: Elsa & Bruni

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

If someone has a good justification for why I shouldn't have this in my collection, please speak up now! For anyone who knows me, or remotely is aware of me, one could simply say that I am a big fan of #Frozen2. I am a big fan of #Elsa and all of the outfits she has worn. With that said, this statue is a no brainer.

Made by Sega Prize, responsible for one of my favorite Elsa Statues in my possession, clearly, it's a no brainer. So.... what am I doing not getting it right now? Well, not in my local market. Purchasing it will have to go through other means that I am not 100% comfortable with. Still, I'm looking and hoping she'll be with me soon. HOPING.

Until Next Time!

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