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The Main Store

I order a lot from Amazon and have had a positive experience all in all! Action figures, games, movies, comic books, you name it! Definitely my first visit with a lot of my fandom spending! I take advantage of their Prime membership. Not necessary, but it does help!



Toys for All!

BigBadToyStore is definitely the "Go-To" when it comes to action figures. Local merchandise to imports, action figures to statues, retail finds to high-end collectibles, BBTS nearly has it all! They also do Pile of Loot and saves me a ton on shipping! 


Entertainment Earth

Entertain Yourself

Entertainment Earth may not be my go-to when it comes to an online order, but they have some neat exclusives that BBTS  or Amazon does/may not have.



Fantastic art. Artists for hire!

DeviantArt used to be my main home until I started building this blog. Truth to be told, I still love that community and I find some pretty amazing artists there! It's also where I got my ground on commissioning so it's a pretty important site for me. While the focus is mostly on visual art, theisare also literature there for readers. 



Get some. Give Back.

I don't usually shop here online but when I do, there are some pretty good exclusives. I stumbled across this store locally and they have a generous deal going on when someone shops here.



Art. Graphics. Apparel.

Finding unique apparel for certain characters are hard to come by especially when said character is obscure. RedBubble rectified that for me and soon I found myself ordering posters and more shirts than I need. Seriously, this is a great spot if you want something that might very well be unique to you .



Art. Graphics. Apparel

From my experience, it's a place very similar to RedBubble. Definitely an outlet I'll keep coming back to.



Toys are hella sick!

One of the best toy reviewers around! Informative, hilarious, and for me, very easy to relate to. One of my go-to toy reviewers when I'm trying to get an opinion or a perspective on a certain released action figure.


The Fwoosh

Robo do know plenty

I look at Robo's channel when seeking some fun and informative info on toys about to be released. For me, I find his toy news to be the main center point of his website.


She's Fantastic

Female Action Figure Reviewer

This blogger literally reviews female action figures of all kinds! Pretty dedicated and good stuff!



Gaming for all

I love this channel. They do reviews, news, and other break downs of games current and the past. My favorite series they do is "Before You Buy". Go check them out, gamers!



Enthusiasts of Mundus 

A group of Vloggers who are very passionate about the lore of Elder Scrolls (and a few other games). Daedras, missions, important figures, and the lot. Very enjoyable channel! 



Gaming Lore Galore!

Lores are what Rhexx specifies in. I mostly tune in to Rhexx for his Elder Scrolls lore but he has other things on his channel that are pretty in-depth and fun. Check out his site for some awesome and informative stuff!


Maximillian Dood

A Gamer. 

A highly reputable gamer that mostly delves into Fighting Games, don't let that fool you. This guy knows his stuff when it comes to gaming.



Souls Born Lore!

Demon's Souls may be my go-to "Souls Game", but the lores of Dark Souls and company intrigues me. Check out this guy's page for some amazing content in regards to the lore.



Commissions Available!

I have a ton of fun working with this artist! Be aware that his art and the art I commission from him are a bit on the preference side!



Check Status for Commissions

Another wonderful DiD artist that I have had the pleasure of working with. He has one of the cleanest artwork I have come across in DeviantArt. He's not open for commissions as much as I would like but if he ever is, get a slot from him! Won't be a waste!



Commissions Available!

An artist I met and started working with at 2018! Definitely a fantastic artist with a reasonable price.



Commissions Available!

Another artist responsible for a lot of th wonderful art in my gallery! Clean art and does a lot of NSFW! Check out his gallery for more wonderful stuff!



Note for Commissions!

A DiD artist that I have been watching for years now. He is responsible for more than a handful of my favorite DiD pieces. Two of my top favorite pieces in my gallery are drawn by him. Check him out.



Note for Commissions!

Fantastic artist with some pretty unique styles of commissions to choose from! Definitely will continue to work with this artist! Check her out!



Note for Commissions!

An artist who is no stranger on my page! Kinky and sexy art! Vibrant and highly enticing work!



Stand by

More recommendations soon!

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