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Updated: Feb 23, 2021

I stumbled on 3TopicsReviewer's Channel just a few hours ago and found this interesting video. I'm a #Rikku fan, that's for sure. But if a video like this spends the time to really delve into some good points, I am more than willing to say that there are some valid facts here. Check out the channel and watch some of these videos! They're pretty awesome! Part of me really thinks that the Dresspheres should have been taken into account, but that also means that the Materia system would have been considered as well, which would have made the battle convoluted.

Here's another one that I found rather cool:

Totally agree with the winner, but not because of preference, but also because there are some good thought and facts put into this one. Anyways, this should help wind up the gear for #Dissida_NT this month!

Until Next Time!

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