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Art Share: Arlen's Crusade (Supergirl)

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Arlen does like to break the fourth wall, doesn't she?

Arlen's at it again! This time, my gal caught the Last Daughter of Krypton herself! Ain't that something? Not even a Kryptonian hottie is safe? NOPE! At any rate, this is wonderful contribution by the amazing DestroXXIV, who also provided me with a wonderful Render of Arlen before!

Oh, what's a good picture without some variants, right? Variant costumes and the likes! Although I don't remember this outfit, but I do like it!

Now this outfit I DO remember. It's from way back when! Oh, the questions Arlen are asking are ALL references to BvS. I'm sure y'all could see that.

The final variant is referring to that CW show that I think it's supposed to be about Supergirl! Much thanks to Destro again for this lovely gift. I've always planned this project to be a commission but gifts are always something I don't mind and I highly appreciate! Thanks gain, Des!

Until Next Time!

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