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Art Share: Arlen's Crusade (Yara Flor)

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Alright, alright, ALRIGHT! Another addition with my series: Arlen's Crusade and this time another addition from DestroXXIV who was kind enough to lend me his talent and time. Truly, truly appreciate it! Wondering who is Arlen's victim this time? Well, it's none other than the new (relatively at the time this is being written) character from DC's Future State, Yara Flor aka Wonder Girl!

When you are a "Wonder Woman"-esque character, expect a treatment. No question asked! Just expect it and take it (listen well, Gal Gadot).

And leave it to Destro to give it a homage to a very classic Wonder Woman moment, eh? Oh, and hand-gags and the likes are his thing--something that I am not opposed to at all!

And this, this I'm not opposed to one bit!

What is a Wonder Girl(woman) #DiD moment without a magic lasso? Right? This is a tradition if you are a Wonder Woman (listen well, Gal Gadot!).

Another Destro thing! And it's awesome!

As I always said, I try not to be too saucy in my posts, but this I gotta add. Ever wanna see Arlen dress a bit more "masculine"-like? Well here she is in a tux and giving the beautiful Yara a special moment. Much thanks again to Des for doing this! Much appreciated for your time and effort for adding another fantastic piece for Arlen's Crusade!

Until Next Time!

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