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Art Share: Elsa (Xlayers/Haru)

Xlayers (Haru) is not a stranger to my blog at all. I've posted about them before and honestly the work is quite amazing. The work on Elsa and on Frozen in general is some of the best rendering/artistic take on one of my favorite franchise! Well, just going to share some of them and not going to go in detail. Do know that the renderer has taken the time to "make" all of Elsa's canonical outfits (yes even the teenager Elsa). I appreciate that and I hope you all do too! Enjoy!

I do love that dress. Heck, I love that song. Anna's dress was great too but there was something about seeing Elsa in lighter color of her 'trademark' apparel color.

And yes, Wreck-it-Ralph 2 Elsa and Anna were adorable. I do enjoy them more under Xlayer's style!

Into the Unknown is probably my second (maybe) song in Frozen 2. What Elsa wore also helped. Even in nightgown, she makes herself known. Haru really nailed it with this pic. So vulnerable but still so commanding with the way she is sitting down, lost in thought. That and the detail on her clothes!

Well, I'm sure Haru will make another appearance here. They do other things and some are even #DiD related that I might be tempted to share Again, this is just a SMALL fraction of the work they have done and trust me, there's more!

Until Next Time!

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