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Art Share: Arlen vs Kaga 4

Updated: May 14, 2023

This Kunoichi is just cooling herself off after a hard day's of kicking butts (or struggling out of rope)

I don't know much about 3D rendering but there's some magic to be had in this.

Well, here we go again! FourPieces decided to be gracious and "show" our gals some love! I swear, put these gals together more and one would think that they are being shipped together, eh? KagaxArlen? ArlenKaga? Kunoichi and Gunner? I don't know but they keep playing this game of tug of war. This time around, Arlen Sirushi is losing that bet. Shame for her... but a win for us, right? Well, I know I'm not complaining! Neither is Arlen. Kaga is having a fun time with payback.

And Kaga's not one to not make use of her hands when they're not tied up. As far as Arlen goes... I think she's even more headstrong about 'clearing' her name. I'm VERY sure that Fours is going to keep adding to this series and possibly span out. He's always so generous and appreciated. Thanks, man!

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