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Art Share: Loz & FFVII Remake

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Just when we thought I'm done sharing some FF #DiD moments with some hotties, eh? Well, Loz decided to grace us with more of his wonderful works; this time it's the hottie from FFVII themselves: Tifa and Aerith! Let's just take a look at 'em, shall we?

Aerith looks gorgeous in her red dress and what makes it even better is a bit more of a bondage theme. A cleave gag and those matching red binds make it that much more superb! I adore it!

Loz wanted to see some feet so he just took Tifa's shoes off, I'm fine with that. Also, okay, we all know that Tifa can still kick butt in this position, but still, she looks amazing with those extra accessories, right?

I know, these are all hollywood-ish type of #DiD moments. But I can't help but adore Loz's artwork and his theme. Truly is gifted. Enjoy y'all!


Some Honey Bee Inn troubles for our hotties from FFVII (Remake)

Tifa and Aerith look great, don't they?

Until Next Time!

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