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Art Share: Paula Peril (collaboration)

From the Paula Peril novel that has yet to come out...

Paula Peril! Honestly, she's the modern day April O'Niel that is based on the fact that #DID is her main gig. I'm surprised I haven't done an entire post about her yet but I guess it's better late than never, right? And while just like the Empowered, it's canon that there are plenty of DiD material that is for the sake of DiD. With that said, she's on the crosshair, correct?

YES. But not in the conventional way I usually do things. Not yet anyways.

This wonderful artwork is from an artist named Moffett from (go to that site at your own risk). And this isn't my #commission. In fact, this is a full on passion project by the amazing DestroXXIV--a deviant who is most definitely a familiar face in my little dark side of the web.

Paula's assets are definitely highlighted!

The entirety of the comic strips (or at least what's done right now) can be found on Destro's Patreon Page. Do check him out and contribute if you wish to fuel the fire of this passion project of his! I am honored to be one of the benefactors to Paula's peril!

Oh yes, there are two Paulas and both will eventually be in peril! Yes, I have read the script to this comic book project. Believe me, it's hot. Way more saucy than what is teased and implied in Paula's 'canonical' adventures. Again, check out both the artist and Destro for more awesome stuff. And do stay tune for more teases from this.

Until Next Time!

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