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Art Share: RE Gals (Post Halloween)

Let's talk about the day after Halloween! Or, honestly, let's talk about some of the distress some lovely ladies can get into during this time!

To be clear, I'm going to be talking about the "Trinity Gals" of Resident Evil which are (in most peoples' opinion) Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, and Ada Wong. Going to showcase some of the best #DiD artwork/renders I have come across so, enjoy!

----------Here we go then!----------

Jill Valentine

Ah! Yes, the first Resident Evil gal that we can play as! Jill is definitely a looker--she really got my attention with her RE3 appearance and that outfit. I won't say I'm the biggest fan of her, but I will say that I do enjoy coming across some of the fanart of her... and, of course, I do adore her in some #DiD goodness!

RE 3 remake definitely spawned quite a few Jill Valentine goodies. Definitely a resurgence of her popularity--one that I never quite felt faded away just held dear by her hardcore fans/fans of the franchise.

Though you'll find her gracious RE 3 outfit to grace the DiD community, one can find a few gems of her other outfits that don't defy the notion that she is a military girl. One from above is just delicious and well adverse in ropework!

Even if her default RE 3 Remake outfit isn't as 'giving', Jill still 'presents' well. I mean, she's got the bod, the looks, and the attitude for it!

Her 'classic' in RE 3 Remake goes for a bit more... 'practical' version. I'm alright for it.

Classic argument! I love this series that Gadreel has!

This comic book's got the first page and it's got some nasty bondage throughout. But hey, it's DiD moment for Jill.

Again, I can't say that Jill holds a high place in my tiers. But I will say that her appeal is definitely there and it's strong. She's the original RE girl and there's something special about that. Also, she looks good in distressing moments, so... there's that.

Ada Wong

Out of all the RE2 cast, she got the most makeover in terms of the outfit. I like her classic look but I see why they changed it. Though, I AM grateful that it makes a remake appearance in RE2 R! non DiD moment in-game! And much later on, she gets another moment in one of the less-watched movies. Again, she has that look and that attitude... the bod is obviously there! The fact that she's so pushy and likes to push buttons definitely makes it that much more satisfying when get gets into some scenarios! So, from the lovely community, here are some of them!

When she entered RE 2 remake trying to look mysterious, I thought it was kind of cute and a bit cheesy. Then again, RE 2 R stayed with the idea that it was still the 90s! Her discreet attire definitely meant just nab her and be done with it!

Her RE4 outfit deserves a lot of love. A LOT of it! Let me tell you!

Need I mention that her RE 2 model spawned a ton of Renderers paying their tribute to her gorgeous new model? Yeah! Plenty of that!

Again, her RE4 lent herself to more fantastic DiD moment! That snarky personality definitely disappeared when she's in tight ropes!

And her backside too!

Damn, this is NOT Sharp's usual style! It's definitely almost unrecognizable! Great thing to share, Sharp!

Again, Ada is just a perfect specimen. She's the in-betweener between Jill and the next gal we are going to talk about. Confident, experienced, cunning, and very ambiguous as to which side she stands by. I adore her and every appearance she makes...yes, even in Resident Evil 6.

Claire Redfield

Out of all of them, Claire Redfield is my favorite one. Maybe because Resident Evil 2 was the first Resident Evil game I played, finished, and really got into. Maybe it's the inexperienced, snooping, average girl with some survival training that gets to me. Maybe because her RE 2 remake really connected with me. Or maybe because I just find her so good in DiD and I possibly see more DiD of her? Who knows? All I know is this college girl deserves a lot of time in the wrong areas of adventuring!

Out of all the RE2 cast, she got the most makeover in terms of outfit. I like her classic look but I see why they changed it. Though, I AM grateful that it makes a remake appearance in RE2 R!

Claire's remake outfit is a bit more grounded and, honestly, as conservative as it was, I still adore it. I also like the fact that she has a 'variant' for the game when she takes off her red jacket and gives it to Sherry.

But, again, there is a sexy-ness to her classic (anime'ish) outfit. The bright pink, the boots, those shorts, and seriously, Claire is just adorable!

Also, the remake also gives her the 'vest' to Sherry! She gets a blank tank top underneath and, boom! A classic look at the end of Claire's playthrough!

And, of course, there are in-game modders who DiD some magic with Claire's in-game... erm... outfit. Wish the gag-talk was there and the actress reprises that--yeah right!

At the end of the day, I can honestly say that Claire is my favorite of the RE gals. I have blogged ABOUT HER before and will probably continue to do so. She's a spunky brunette, she's naive but capable, she's sexy and beautiful but not overblown to the point of looking like a model. And Claire is not in the obscurity area with other RE gals either and there's a reason for that. Sure she's not the experienced and ready to go like Jill; she's also not the temptress-seductive type like Ada. What and who Claire is falling along the middle of the RE Trinity gals. And you know what? I'm down for that!


But speaking of obscurity, here are some RE gals that I adore but aren't exactly "the top tier" among the RE fans; at least, not within the DiD community RE fans. At any rate, here are the shout outs!

Sheva Alomar

I enjoyed RE5. I also like Sheva Alomar. ESPECIALLY when she wore her tribal outfit! I'm not sure if it was right to have her replace Jill all together, but hey, another hottie in more damsel moments!

Rebecca Chambers

Rebecca Chambers is that spunky-young gal that is .... well, the Rikku-Yuffie type in my opinion. Yeah, she deserves the DiD moments she gets. And I eat it up!

Sherry Birkin

Resident Evil 6 was a mess--minus Ada's involvement AND Sherry Birkin. Sherry, the supergirl-esque who, technically got a canonical DiD moment. She needs more!

At any rate, that's about it for now! It started out as a very quick art share became a glorified shout out for all these fantastic artists that give us Resident Evil gals in all kinds of duress. I also wanted a Halloween theme at Halloween (didn't make it, obviously) and ya know, zombies and terrors of the night are no strangers within the Resident Evil franchise. So, with that said, visit these artists and enjoy more lovely artwork!

Until Next Time!

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