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Art Share: Samus Aran The Bound Hunter

Oh, Samus Aran. One of video games' most recognized heroines! Ever so deserving of her time in the spotlight. Ever so deserving of her moments in #DiDs as well! I just wanted to spend a few moments to 'capture' some of the community's take on Samus' Distress. Also, she has a new game coming out. I'm probably not going to play it but hey, it's good to give her the attention!

Hogtied Samus. That's a good ring. The contrasting ropes and the vibrant ball gag does the magic too. I like!

Well, that's definitely a humiliating situation ti find herself in. Birdman got the right idea for a game over screen. I'd definitely would be losing a lot more if this was the case!

I wouldn't mind seeing a boxed up Samus! Nicely packaged, snug, silenced, and angry to boot. Yeah, that's quite a bounty for sure.

Can't say I'm the biggest fan of Re-Maker's theme--at times it goes outside my own but I certainly don't mind this a bit. Completely helpless, exposed, and 'entertained'. Also, her latex restraints fits her color scheme. Oh, and hi Princess Peach!

We'll give this artist two on this slot since they seem to REALLY take a liking to the Bounty Hunter. Could we blame them? Definitely appreciate said artist's take and contribution--chair tie come in variety and arms not tied together is usually not my cup of tea but we can go with that one. Also, a bunch of belts keeping the lovely Samus all bound up is something I can appreciate.

This guy does some serious stuff when it comes to manipulations. Taut bindings, gags that muffle, and also some serious humor. If you haven't been able to check out Liga's gallery, nows the time to do it. Samus doesn't get shafted when it comes to attention inside that Deviant's gallery, that's for sure! Samus in her classic orange outfit tied to a pile of banana with a glare... and the small panel of the baddies--AMAZING stuff! I also like that the picture above have all three damsels sport different bindings and positions. Always nice.

ANDDDD another hogtied Samus. Drooling through her cleave gag as she is lying down glaring at her captor... yep. Nothing more to say other than that. Love this one.

Gbeeee is a fantastic artist whom I have had the honors of working with. I'm sure Samus is also honored that said artist graced her with his talent. Duct tape too. In space, even Duct Tape holds!

Run, Samus, Run! Oh, Guaky! Another artist I would love to work with in the future! Other than the lovely Ms. Aran in his care, he has done a multitude of other gals in predicaments definitely not safe to view while at work. I'm sure Samus' prize for trying to escape is going to go in the same idea (though do check out the BayonettaxSamus pic in his gallery!).

I love this style! I love the concept and how Wossa made one picture have different angles and depths. Truly a work of art. Also, Samus not sporting her usual ponytail! Seriously, there is a level of drama in this duress that so very few DiD pictures have captured. It's a no brainer, do check out Wossa's gallery!

This series by Hombre is nothing short of amazing. It's definitely got the peril and captivity that isn't entirely my cup of tea (I like to be able to touch my damsels), but it's got the right flare and style that really makes it a favorite of mine.

And another regular in my blog! Shio and I have worked together before and I am very honored to have had this talent grace my gallery. Of course, Samus is also honored to be part of Shio's handiwork as well. I'm sure she can't really express those feelings as well as she would hope to! Oh, and look! she has a hitchhiker! How cute! I'd love to grab a hold as well!

Hanging around, eh Samus? This picture I've had in my favorites gallery for a LONG time now and I figured it's always nice to share. She looks so docile and uncomfortable. She'll be fine though.

Now I wouldn't say that Samus is in the same DiD level as April, at least, non canonically, but one can't shame the community for adoring Samus in the same peril as Ms. Oniel. Also, I don't think they're too worried about their scenario in this depiction. The comm'er also made Thunk not give the ladies gags. Odd but i still like!

False-Alias has done a TON of work on Samus. I'm trying to keep it down to two per artist so I chose these unique ones. Oh, hi Zelda and Peach! Secretary Samus? Caught in the act? Yeah, that's fantastic! Want more? Do check out False's gallery on DA! You will not be disappointed!

Magnolia is another artist that puts some tender care and love for our Bounty Hunter. The picture above is so rich and funny enough, there is a variant of this. Context within a picture can definitely add to an already amazing piece. Samus talking about her captivity and what she's trying to do about it is sauce needed to spice things up. But my gods, look at that view! Magnolia, you are amazing.

The "Princess Aran" took on a new life with this piece. I'm not even sure if this is the first time this idea was 'made to life', but HeartGear's comic and follow pinups definitely makes the idea of Princess Aran legendary. It lived on with other artists' talents and it will continue from here on out. I can only imagine how much more when Samus' new game comes out this week.

What else can I say about Kidetic/Kusujiin that I haven't said already? One of my favorite artists to date and one that I have had the honor of working with as well! Some good #commissions came from him and most of the things that he puts out applies to me. When it comes to Samus, she gets her moments for sure! He does know how to draw contorted gagged faces--knows how to make them both beautiful and distressed. I love his work.

And, of course, Skele gets a moment here! The composition in this one is rather well and Samus gets some advanced restraints. She deserves it and Skele DiD a fine job making that art happen! I love it!

Then there's this classic! It's not in a full blown picture because Amiba did not post a higher quality, but let me tell you, the pic above has inspired plenty--myself included (a reference from my Spider-Woman Commission).I truly adore this one and will forever be one of my the sacred arts of Samus' DiD time.


There's SO MANY #DiD art of Samus in DA alone. In fact, I've gave but a spec(Samus GREAT-DUDE, Samus Kachima) to help decorate Samus' already rope burned butt compared to what has and what will be done. With the coming of her new game, I'm sure Samus will get more attention--whether she likes it or not. At any rate, that's about it for this post. Again, I just barely started scratching the surface of what is out there with Samus and DiD. Take the time to explore! Many MANY versions that would satisfied everyone/most of everyone's kink! There's even a fox Samus!

Until Next Time!

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