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Art Share: Sombra in DiD

I don't play Overwatch, but I do fancy some of the gals that comes out of that franchise. There's a few hitters but I really do gravitate towards Sombra. Her trailer was super good, it really exposed her personality, her looks, how she handles herself in fights, and also who she allies herself with (her own self). I love her voice, her sass, and her mannerism. She's also not a good girl too so she's not the type one should fully turn their back on. With that said, should be times when one has to restrain her for the sake of keeping one's health and also to admire Sombra without suffering the consequence. With that said, here are a few #DiD art from the gracious artist of the community! Enjoy, why don't you?

Tracer is a playful character so to see her strip Sombra to do a little 'costume swap' is a nice picture. Eique did this quite well!

3D rendering and their artists are a bit more common for Sombra and I'm all for it. It's pretty much as canon as one gets with the art. So expect to see a couple of this in here.

Stripped to the undies... Sombra and Widowmaker do look good together. Much thanks to BlackProof for giving Widow the ladylike pose while Sombra.... well she's more gracious.

Of course, Loz. There are a TON of variants in LoZ's Patreon page. We all know Loz's focus and how this is drawn is no surprise. And appreciated, mind you.

A bit more cartoony but definitely still accepted. I like gaggeddude32's work so I love this!

Now this is something that I adore right off the get go! Woof! Kachigachi has a lot of good stuff and SOME are a bit too saucy for this page. BUT, do enjoy this. Seems like Sombra's captors wanted to showcase Sombra's assets. I'm all for it! Kachigachi's idea isn't bad at all! Seems like the hacker isn't too fond of this treatment though. Who cares though, right? Well, that's about it for now. Hoping to see more of Sombra in DiD so I can update this! Well, that's about it for now!

Until Next Time!

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