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Art Share: Spider-Woman Season!

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Must be the season of love for Jessica Drew--or perhaps, it's going to be her year? Maybe. Maybe her live action entrance will not be a disaster? Who knows. All we know is that the gal is back in her old duds! I don't mind at all! Doubt she'll get another moment in the chair but who am I to complain?

Wait, what? There Return of Hangman? Is #Marvel going all in on... wait, it's a DiD art. A high caliber artwork from the amazing Telikor. An artist who I have referenced in this blog more than enough times as someone who has love for one of my main Vixens. She has an adoration for most of the aspects of Ms. Drew that I have so to see her have a passion project of a "Sequel" for one of the most amazing DiD moment/s of comic books, I have to support her! Needless to say, I joined her Patreon!

As a homage for Telikor's new project, the great Kusujinn decided to make a 'sequel' to THIS wonderful piece! This lovely blue girl taped up by Ms. Drew (who is fascinatingly a great forefront image) is Telikor's OC, "Id". Tis lovely for a lot of reasons, of course. Hoping to see more these two collaborate more! That would be lovely!

Until Next Time!

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