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Art Share: The Things That Change...

Remembering the days of old....

#Frozen_Skyrim is still a thing and I'm glad that even if I have stopped working on it on the writing side, the art still comes in even if they're few and far between. My good friend, Evil-is-Relative, decided to give that project of mine some love with this fantastic art! Definitely fired up that old feeling of when I was very into the project. Who knows, maybe I'll still get into it but one thing is for sure: I'm glad that a small number remember that cross over of mine. Evil definitely was one of my main readers at one point so she definitely understands the chemistry. And this picture, well, it's for sure a reminiscent of the vagabond Dovahkiin thinking about the Snow Queen who changed his life in more ways than one. Do check out Evil's gallery. She's done some other Frozen Skyrim stuff and not to mention, she's got some Elder Scrolls stuff that are quite awesome (and she's a damn good writer).

One thing is for sure though... if I don't write anymore, I'll #commission Frozen Skyrim some more.

Until Next Time!

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