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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday" / Chun Li

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

It's Tuesday again! And this time around, we got another theme! What theme you might ask? Well, it's the #DiD-ing of the "Strongest Woman in the World" time! Chun Li, of course! Well, nuff of that building up. Let's get into the pics.

Well, Juri is definitely one of Chun Li's rival. Being her arch nemesis, she sure knows that the legs is one of the most dangerous things about Chunners so tape it up! Finish the roll while you are at it!

I've been trying to get to this bonus stage. I get to the stage but can't find the exact moves to put Chun Li in this. Must but some ridiculous sequences of getting perfects and ending with a jab, jab, half a circle, up, down, medium kick, half circle, forward, hard kick with Bison. Or something. Skele knows the trick. Ask him.

I'm sure I've shared this before .... somewhere. If not, well... here it is. Those bidders are probably Shadaloo members. Or Ken. Or Dan. Probably Dan.

And if it's not Juri, it's freakin Vega (or Balrog) that maintains the honor of being Chun Li's rival. And he is right. Bondage is beautiful! Can't wait to work with Santanna!

Well, I don't know why I really decided to take Chun Li as the main theme for this week. Then again, do I need to have a reason to make Chun Li a spotlight? She's been a hitter in the fandom for a LONG time now. She deserves a spot or two.

Until Next Time!

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