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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday" / Render II

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

It's that precious time of the week again and this time around we are going 3D! Yessir! That's right! 3D renders time! I've gotten some awesome stuff from the world of #DiD 3D realm and so this time, I want to share the beauty from the coommunity! Other than the cover art, who is FourPieces (a good friend of mine), this week's #TuT will only feature two 3D renderers--two artists and some of their amazing work. Well, without further adieu, let's get into it!

Snadiya is the first to get into the party! Speaking of parties, my, ohhh my! What do we have here? Either comm'ed or just fanart, Snadiya delivers for sure! I'm sure Kara, Raven, and Barbara have different opinions about the party, I'm sure. They can't express it at the moment though.

Speaking of expressing, Akali sure is emoting a lot through that thick tape gag, ain't she? LoL definitely got a resurge of popularity thanks to KDA and also Arcane. It's no wonder the kunoichi is in her own private room all ready for some 'fun'. Also, that's a mini-comic. Go click on it to get the full stuff.

Speaking of stuff... these gals are stuffed! Guess VI doesn't have to choose between her sister and her girlfriend anymore. They're both in there! Caitlyn has the more inhibiting gag. I'm sure it's triple layered knowing Snadiya's work.

Oh, and we have Skvrwiel! Also another familiar face in my blog. And I love the work on Kassandra here. I don't play Assassin's Creed anymore but I do find a strong woman like Kassandra being forced against her will a bit more tantalizing. Also, that red skirt is just attractive as heck.

The Resident Evil movies back in the early 2000s were horrible. I mean, the first and the second are decent... not great, not good, but decent. Everything else after and beyond is just trash from a casual fan of the RE series. BUT, Jill in the 2nd movie was just awesome. Sienna Guilroy looked like Jill and jeez... if she was just allowed to shine! At least she had a DiD moment! Wasn't great but Skvrwiel made it 'right'!

A Resident Evil Bondage game featuring Claire Redfield from the Remake? Yeah, I'm down. Also, these Zombies aren't man-eaters either! They're just wanting to package our spunky 'I can take care of myself antagonist! And I will always welcome a trussed-up Claire Redfield. ALWAYS! While I would've preferred the classic or even the remake one, Claire showing off some legs ain't always a bad thing so this is a plus.

Well, 3D isn't as common as 2D in my gallery. I should #commission some more. In the meantime, please enjoy these awesome works and check out both artists' galleries. Also, check out FourPieces' as well!

Until Next Time!

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