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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (36)"

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

New Year! First #Tied_Up_Tuesday of 2023! Let's go! Also, it's the year of the bunny so we're gonna do some bunny themes! So with that said, shooting straight for it then. Enjoy, will ya? Bunnies and a certain special Android that will definitely get more love this new year! Glory to you know what!

You speak of bunnies and Vieras are definitely high on the list. #FFXIV doesn't come short of having them, of course. OCs or canon, there are some enticing Bunny Gals in the First and the Source.

Commissioned by NeoNeros, this Viera is definitely hanging around! Alif is also a familiar artist in my gallery and it's nice to see other works he has done. Green-haired Bunny Monk? Love it.

There is a Nier Automata Anime coming out. Only fitting I put this here to start the year of the bunny, right? I'm sure I can put some kind of 2B in a bunny outfit but got too lazy. Elijah also DiD wonders with this pic too so.... there ya go!

Well, nothing too extreme or what not. Just a Happy New Year and here's to hoping 2023 is just as fruitful, eh? Enjoy!

Until Next Time!

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