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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (41)"

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Another Tuesday y'all! And some good things to go over! So without further delay, let's go ahead and check out this week's picture highlights before the timer runs out (chances are, though, Arlen's gonna extend the timer so Kaitlin can have some glimmer of hope, eh?).

I literally have zero idea who these characters are but the premise itself is quite hilarious and well done. The hero who is going to save his #DiD friends realizes that he is admittedly tingling from the sight of his friends bound and gagged is a trope not nearly done enough within the DiD community. Dare I say, I've only seen in a handful of times... enough to count with both hands or even less! Needs to get done more! Seriously!!!! IScreamMan001 DiD awesome with this piece, by the way.

Man! The money I would throw just to get a #commission from root! I swear! Here's another masterpiece of his, of course. Imagine going through the lengths of tying up such a beauty, eh? Lot of work! And fun, I bet.

Well.... this deviant collaborates with many and their final product usually ends up quite lovely. Just check out their page to get the full extent of this beauty.

Well, #TuT is quite short and simply today folks. But still exudes with some very lovely pics that will get the jives going, for sure! Do check out the deviants' page for more awesome stuff! And will see you all soon!

Until Next Time!

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