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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (45)"

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Got ourselves another Tuesday! #Tied_Up_Tuesday, folks! This time, we're just gonna showcase without worrying about a theme! So with that idea laid out, let's get into the showcase, shall we?

Juri is always a fun damsel. She comes off and definitely plays the role of a Dominant and someone who tends to like to show off she's that way, but to see her on the opposite side of the spectrum is always nice. The artist doesn't do a lot of DiD so this one hits. Also, love that strap on her gag! Matches her fitter.

Charities gone.... the way you'd expect if a #DiD tries too hard to struggle. A lot of struggling but it leads to naught. Hound does magic with this piece!

Nothing like seeing #WoLs get some Distress. Even more, the idea of the retainers turning heel and HoshinoBound's lovely Aura getting some 'fun'. I'm down for it!

It's Kidetic. Y'all know what's up! It's great and it's feet kink w/ bondage! There's definitely no mystery with that combo!

M'man FourPieces DiD some magic yet again! This time, it's his curious journalist who is .... getting a bit fancy, eh? At any rate, nothing but good things coming from Fours, for sure!

Well, that closes this week's #TuT! A quartet of beautiful artwork! Hoping that next week I won't be so brain dead that I'll be able to put some more out there! Here's to seeing you all next week!

Until Next Time!

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