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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (47)"

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Here we are with another week of #TuT! So what do we have this week this time around? Well, a lot of goodies as always. Giving it more of the whole 'quantity inside the picture' to get to quality sauciness. With that intro in mind, let's get into the share, shall we?

I know that last week was all about (mostly) Spider-Woman...... but this lovely picture got thrown to my attention so gotta share it! Loki nabbed some serious waifus this time around, eh? That's not the empathetic Hiddleston, ain't it?

Genshin Impact ladies! They are definitely high into consideration when we are talking about waifus and hotties.

It's time for another Genshin Gal duo! The lovely duo, Amber & Eula! These two are seemingly lovers or something and I'm all for it! Lovers who get themselves into some serious DiD moment together! And shame for Amber because she got left in the dust with all the additional hotties. But Eula keeps her somewhat.. relevant (sad). But I'm always a fan of the Outrider! Eula too ain't too bad herself so I'm all game for their shenanigans such as this one!

I've seen this one some time ago but, of course, respect the artist! Skelebomb DiD our girl, Y'shtola, justice. I'm sure she's not too fond of it. Guess this can be a good Fate mission, eh? I'm all for it!

Well, that's it for this Tuesday. I know, it's all over the place but the theme remains the same: hotties in bondage. So next week then? The first week of May!

Until Next Time!

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